Web Based CRM

Cloud Based CRM

What’s the difference you may ask? It’s probably more about marketing and “what’s hot” than it is about technology. The “Cloud” sits on the “Web” and the web is nothing more than millions are computers joined together via the “Internet”.

Where Does CRM Fit into this Picture?

CRM was always an “on-premise” application. That meant having servers at your office and literally loading software onto those servers which you would then expose to your employees over your internal network.

A web based CRM or Cloud CRM enables your team to access your CRM via the internet. Just as they could login to Gmail or an online news paper, they can access your CRM. This means that you CRM is generally on servers hosted by companies like Oracle Corporation.

These companies have multiple “Data Centres” dotted around the world where thousands of clients access their cloud based CRM. This is also called Software as a Service (SaaS). Typically you pay a per user/per month fee to access your CRM.

Companies like Oracle Corporation take care of the hardware for you. Software updates are also take care of and are simply available when you login after an upgrade.

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