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“Your Customers demand more from you, so you should demand more from your CRM. Whether you chose Oracle or, they continually evolve. Do you?”

A successful implementation focuses on delivery AND maintenance. The benefit derived from constantly delivering new features can be a fundamental step towards maintaining and enhancing usability. But, just as easily as the maintenance of the product can be a source of questions for management and executives:

  • What do you do if there is no headcount?
  • How do you find a skilled and qualified resource?
  • How do you ensure my support staff are skilled on the product?
  • Is your support resource being used efficiently?
  • Are you using the system to its potential?
  • Are you getting a return on your investment?

What is CRMNow Support?

CRMNow is a one stop shop for all your support needs:

  • Skills – By giving you access to experienced and knowledgeable consultants you get the benefit of immediate support without the hidden costs of training and the delays as skill sets ramp up.
  • Communication – Fortnightly conference calls and Quarterly face to face meetings keeps you up to date on the success of your CRM investment.
  • New Releases – Ensuring our staff stay current with new releases means you can have greater confidence that every return is being squeezed from your CRM investment.
  • Tips and Tricks – Our exposure to different implementations delivers you insights on best practice in deploying the Oracle Fusion or Oracle CRM On Demand applications.

What Benefits can you Expect?

Many companies either hire a full-time resource or allocate this role to a person not suited for it, this results in knowledge being lost when that staff member leaves, lack of focus on the system or periods of no support.

A fundamental success determinant is the use of the system and the support end users receive.

CRMNow gives you access to experienced and knowledgeable consultants to provide support to your users. Our staff immerse themselves in the world of CRM to bring you the undocumented features, tips, tricks and shortcuts. We identify:

  • How to get the most out of your system and new releases
  • Improve usability so as to improve the quality of your system information
  • What changes will allow you to drive the greatest business return
  • You don’t bear the startup and ongoing cost of support staff

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