Service Requests

How Can the Service Request Functionality in Oracle CRM On Demand Help Your Business?

The ability to capture service requests directly in Oracle CRM On Demand from the web, call centre or via emails will help you measure the response time and deliver an outstanding customer experience for your prospects and customers. Oracle CRM On Demand Service brings together your customer’s entire history with your company. A true ‘single view’ of the customer allows your team to make informed and historically contextual decisions based on previous interactions regardless of the complexity of the request.

In addition, Oracle CRM On Demand Service Request provides the following benefits:

  • Access to a knowledge base which stores answers to common questions or service issues. We call this ‘Solutions’.
  • Clear insight into the customer’s service history.
  • In-depth analytical reporting providing front line staff with unparallelled insight into their activities and attainment of service level targets.

What is a Service Request?

Your team enter Service Requests directly into Oracle CRM On Demand

A service request is essentially a request from a prospect or customer. The request may relate to the need for a serviceman to attend their office. It may be a question, a customer seeking help with your product or service. It may be a channel for staff to make inquiries to your Human Resources department about their remaining annual leave.

The service request functionality within Oracle CRM On Demand can have multiple applications to many areas of your business. Once Oracle CRM On Demand becomes the central point for all service requests, you can begin to gain insight into the number of requests, the type of requests and the total resolution time. All of this is live and available via dashboard views.

Customer Service staff on the front line, their managers and the executive team can all have view into the same reports. This means the entire team is on the same page, working together to meet your service level agreements with customers and partners.

How Do Your Customers ‘Log’ A Service Request?

There are a number of ways. Once you understand how your customers want to communicate with you, it’s a matter of setting the right solution in place. Our experience shows customers typically want options and a mobile option is becoming a more significant ‘want’. You can create a web form and allow people to log a service request via your website or a specific landing page. Call Centre staff, or any member of your team, can capture a service request over the phone, entering it directly into Oracle CRM On Demand and have it route to the right person for resolution.

The team at CRMNow have developed additional tools to make an inbound multi-channel approach easy, allowing your prospects and customers contact to you in a way that works best for them. Contact us today to learn more about these additional features, unique to CRMNow.

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