Oracle Sales Cloud Smart Phone Edition

Mobile Is No Longer A ‘Nice to Have’, It’s a ‘Must Have’

More than any other aspect of the modern working environment, mobile has changed the way we work and engage with people. The ability to be “on” 24/7 comes with pluses and minuses. For example, I’m writing this brief at my local cafe at 7:20am. Hey, I’m not the only one right? Chances are you’re reading this on your smart phone at 7:40am.

With the launch of Oracle’s latest SaaS or Cloud based CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle has introduced a mobile app which works seamlessly with the Blackberry and the iPhone. Ok, this isn’t the first mobile App, however it’s an impressive solution that brings a high level of flexibility not seen previously.

Built from the ground up for sales professionals, Oracle Sales Cloud CRM Smart Phone Edition provides a configurable mobile solution. The end user can access Oracle Sales Cloud offline as well as real time with a rich, ‘native’ user experience. That means they’re not looking at the CRM through a browser, but an App developed specifically for the smart phone.

Task Oriented

With Oracle Sales Cloud data presented in a task oriented manner, the user can complete meeting updates, find accounts and people in just a few clicks. Unlike the list dominated views found on desktops, the native mobile app’s icon interface means simple navigation.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, task-focussed user interface designed for mobile from the ground up.
  • Contact and account management
  • Calendar and contact management
  • Opportunity and lead management
  • Maps, phone and email integration i.e. Microsoft Outlook
  • Real-time analytics
  • View Oracle Sales Cloud contacts based on geography i.e. how close are they?

Streamline Collaboration

Keeping the team up to date has never been so easy. Oracle Sales Cloud Smart Phone Edition helps the user easily communicate with the account team or clients through the intuitive tap-to-call and tap-to-email features. All communications are captured in the relevant locations ensuring the end user has a complete record of all their interactions.

Customise The Mobile Experience and Improve
End User Adoption

Perhaps one of the stand out features of the Oracle Sales Cloud Smart Phone Edition is the ability to ensure the information available to the user is as relevant as possible. Burying users in too much data hinders user adoption and slows the overall performance of the team. Oracle Sales Cloud Smart Phone Edition allows your company to adjust which record types, fields and related items are exposed for each mobile user role.

To get a little more techie, your administrators can add customised fields and custom objects to the mobile app just as they can to the desktop version and adjust the views of the varying end user communities. This means the end user has a generally seamless jump from their desktop view to the mobile view. In fact, you may find end users will prefer the mobile App.

The Bottom Line

Having your team mobile and providing them with the tools to achieve their targets is a critical requirement for any modern business. Oracle Sales Cloud Smart Phone Edition provides immediate access to critical information – anytime, anywhere. With the ease of sharing information, captured and recorded automatically, mobile users are now able to provide accounts teams with up to date details for prospects and clients.

This increases overall productivity, collaboration and generates enthusiasm in the team resulting in better client insight and improved client satisfaction reducing costs and improving sales.

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