Oracle Customer Hub

Finally, A Way To Win The ‘Big Data’ Battle

The Challenge
Like many companies, large and small, you probably have a varying number of databases or even excel spreadsheets sitting on servers masquerading as “lists”. Your CRM, if you have one, is another source of prospect and customer data. It’s possible Finance have their own database, Customer Service operate from another and Sales capture details in another. If they’re lucky, Marketing even have access to one of these databases!

Oracle Customer Hub takes the complexity out of maintaining clean, accurate customer data. Your company will have a single trusted and authoritative source of customer data across the entire business. Oracle Customer Hub means that a client’s address updated by Customer Service in the Oracle Service Cloud is replicated and carried over to the finance, marketing and sales teams.

What Does This All Mean?

For the technical reader, this could possibly be a dream product. For those of us in the marketing space, it’s also a dream. Oracle Customer Hub brings together the power of Oracle’s database heritage and never before seen control and confidence in the data you’re working with.

One of the greatest issues with email marketing is the ability to confidently know that you’re emailing people within the boundaries of the Australian SPAM Act as well as your corporate communication standards.

The Oracle Customer Hub data model enables modelling of any type of relationship between two parties and track contact points (address, phone, email, SMS, IM, social network, etc.) associated with the relationship only.

Gaining Insight and Cleansing Data

Oracle Customer Hub enables you to manage customer records over their complete lifecycle. You will probably start with analysing the quality of customer and prospect data, identifying duplicates and measuring the quality of the data against pre-defined metrics. You then have the ability to merge data, standardise the data, cleanse and validate address details etc.

Over time you’re able to enhance the data with possible third party data and monitoring data. Clean data is a journey, not an end state. As much as we’d like to say “it’s done”, it’s a moving target with human intervention along the way. Oracle Customer Hub provides a common platform across your business to have the cleanest data possible.

For The More ‘Techie’ Reader

Oracle Customer Hub is fully compliant with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is built on standards-based middleware components. It provides composite and granular services along with a flexible and extensible interface for other applications to access and manipulate the data and business logic in the master application.

Oracle Customer Hub also leverages an embedded Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool for high volume bulk data import/export. Click Here to read more about Customer Hub at

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