Oracle Sales Cloud Product Editions

The Right Edition For Your Business

Oracle’s Sales Cloud provides your business with a degree of flexibility to invest in the right level of functionality for your business.

The three licensing editions shown below begin with the powerful base or core Sales Cloud listed as the “Standard Edition“. From there “Enterprise Edition” provides additional Sales Campaigns. Then finally, the “Premium Edition” provides the full suite of functionality.

CRMNow can work with you to help you understand how this can benefit your business.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Premium Edition
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile App
  • Sales Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Catalog
  • Oracle Social Network
  • Territories
  • Oracle Sales Cloud for Outlook
  • Customer Data Management
  • One Test Environment
  • Standard Edition
  • Oracle Mobilytics
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Call Report App
  • Campaigns
  • Quotas
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Oracle Sales Cloud for IBM Notes
  • Sales Lightbox
  • Mobile App Designer
  • Sales Predictor
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Whitespace Analysis
  • Oracle Voice
  • Enterprise Contracts

Which Offering Best Suits Your Business?

It’s difficult to look at a list of functions and determine how best to answer that question. However, through understanding your business and the challenges you face we can determine which of the three Sales Cloud offerings would best suit your business.

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