What Is Sales and Marketing?

Well, this is what it should be

Perhaps one day, marketing and sales will be taught as a single discipline; in essence they are the same thing. What if your marketing and sales team had insight into the same data? Would that drive greater transparency for your marketing and sales managers as they work with the individual contributors? As first line managers, they have the greatest ability to impact the team for good, or bad.

Imagine a quarterly executive offsite where your marketing and sales directors are in complete agreement over the number of leads passed from one to the other? Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing provide two separate interfaces for each discipline to interact with the data, the same data. This is also the case in Oracle FUSION CRM and FUSION Marketing There are no sloppy connections or third party applications required to tie them together. A single source of truth is critical to allowing these two groups to work together, to be “on the same page” and constantly refining your offering for your ideal clients.

Understanding the buyer’s journey

Successful sales people understand the buyer’s journey. They understand the prospect or client’s business, they understand the journey the buyer is on and they match it and they remain one step ahead of the buyer and their competitors.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all embark on a journey when we buy something. At the most basic level, e.g. buying clothes, we first identify a need, we look for potential suppliers and then make a purchase.

Let’s explore the buyer’s journey a little further

Or, in the case of buying products or services for our business or perhaps a new car or home, the journey becomes more complex. Both of these processes are referred to as “The Buyer’s Journey”. A specific set of steps a person follows with the end goal being the purchase of specific goods or services.

  • We identify a pain point or a business problem that requires correction, a need is identified.
  • We initially start with research which can be twofold. One to understand the problem better and research to find who can help solve the problem.
  • We usually go through an evaluation stage, this may include talking to other companies who have experienced the same type of problem as well as scouring the web for the problem we have.
  • Once we understand the problem and possible fixes, we look for suppliers or individuals who may be able to provide a solution.
  • Once we narrow it down to two or three suppliers, we enter a negotiation phase which may also require sitting through presentations.
  • Finally, we make the purchase, we make an investment in a solution which we expect to address the problem we first identified.

The greatest challenge most sales people face today is the fact that prospects are so well informed when they first meet face to face in a B2B environment. In some case, prospects may have already consulted with your clients and sought their feedback about you and your products or service. This behaviour or journey has fundamentally changed in the past couple of years.

If marketing and sales can work together, more closely than ever before, you will see results. Consider moving your marketing and sales teams to the same location in your office. Have them sit amongst each other, this way their empathy levels for each others role will grow. The more they realise they’re on the same team, the more successful you will be.

To underpin this uniting of two foes, a solid and single source of truth for all prospect and client data is the key. A cloud based solution will be best, helping people work where ever they are and can get online.

Top 5 Tips

  1. You have to start at the top if you really want marketing and sales aligned. Get the executive team on the same page.
  2. Understand which barriers are keeping the two teams working at their optimum. Explore and push hard, this process will be a paradigm shift for many people.
  3. Uncover your buyer’s journey? What steps do your buyers go through before they make contact with you? Are marketing giving away everything you have on the website?
  4. Are your sales team savvy enough to spend time looking at Google Insights? Are they aware of what’s going on in their client’s markets? Help them become “business” minded, develop them so they can have business to business discussions with your prospects and clients and not just order takers.
  5. Review the physical space they work in. If they are far apart physically it’s going to be difficult to get their head space united.

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