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Do You Know Who’s Visiting Your Website?

What if you could know not just the number of people visiting your website i.e. Google Analytics, but who is visiting your website? What if you knew which pages they looked at, how long they looked at them and then provide a way for them to engage with you?

The answer is probably best thought about through another question…

“What if your marketing and sales team had access to this data, down to the level that they know what ‘John Citizen’ has been looking at on your website?”

Many organisations are very excited about social media, don’t get me wrong there’s plenty to be excited about, however current research from the UK and Europe show us that B2B buyers are using your company website as an information source at all stages of the buying cycle. Ranking at 68%, the single most sought after location for buyers to find out about you, is your website.

Having an understanding of buyer behaviour and insight into exactly what they’ve been looking at would help your sales force at least keep up to date with the buyer

Keep an eye on the CRMNow home page, this same data will be released in the coming months for AsiaPac providing never before seen insight into the habits of buyers during the buyer’s journey.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Start with Google Analytics and Google Insight. Check YouTube for instructional videos on how to use these tools.
  2. What information would your sales team find helpful when they make the first call to a Marketing Qualified Lead?
  3. Do some research of your own, talk to recent customers. How did they research your company? Where did they go to find the answers to their questions?

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