Automated Lead Nurturing

Are You Rewarded For Wasting Money?

Each day your company will spend thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of dollars to attract people to your business. These prospects will work their way through your organisation, downloading content, attending breakfast meetings, webinars and perhaps face-to-face meetings with your sales people.

Then, for whatever reason, they disengage. Perhaps their “burning platform” has been extinguished, their business problem is not causing enough pain for them to be forced to act. Whatever the reason, you’ve invested in these prospects and generally, once they say “no” to your sales people, they’re cast aside, literally. Their business card may be binned, any email communication deleted. The more successful marketing or sales professional will make a calendar entry to call back after a period of time, but this is generally only the behaviour of your high performers.

Let’s add another scenario, a buyer who chooses to engage only through online media, your website, a LinkedIn Group, facebook or even Twitter. As they visit your website, you may entice them to download something, or access a video. As you do this, they opt-in to further communications.

Now what?

This is where many companies drop the ball. An ‘automated lead nurturing’ campaign does exactly as it sounds, it ‘nurtures’ your leads. It provides an avenue for you to gently have your brand in front of the prospect. Even if they’ve selected your competitor, your email dropping into their in-box every six weeks will gently remind them that you are an option. As your competitor slowly becomes unstuck, you want your brand to be the one that comes to mind first.

The Biggest Hurdle

A lead nurturing model or campaign requires a high level of content. The content development is generally onerous and time consuming. Sadly, there is very little we can do about that. You know your business better than anyone, you know your customer base. The best money you will ever spend will be on a copywriter to help you get all of this content together. Think outside the square, visit This site is filled with people, talented in their fields, who are looking to help you with your business. Search for “copywriters”.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Gain agreement between marketing and sales on what constitutes a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).
  2. Development of copy/content is a big task. Recycling what you have will only get you part of the way, look to professional copywriters to help.
  3. Once you understand your buyers journey, map the bumps in the road, those points where buyers may get unstuck. What information can you provide them that will bring added value over your competitors?
  4. Plan your nurturing campaign. How long is your sales cycle? Have your prospects typically been searching for months before they make contact with your business? Have a view into the complete buyers cycle, match it against the buyers behaviour and not your selling behaviour.
  5. Talk to your high performing people in marketing and sales, understand why they’re successful and incorporate what you can into your nurturing campaign.

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