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Is your marketing team ready for change?

CRMNow offer two engagement models for your subscription to Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing.

  1. CRMNow will help build your subscription through understanding your campaign and marketing requirements. We then “hand over the keys” letting your marketing team manage the execution of Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing.
  2. Alternatively, we keep hold of the “keys” and provide you with an outsourced service where your team develop the ideas, copy and artwork and our team execute your campaigns based on your requirements. Talk with a member of our team today to see how we can help manage this process for you with this leading eMarketing campaign tool, Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing.

Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing is a marketing solution that allows you to better drive collaboration between sales and marketing, automates your lead nurturing process, and unifies your revenue funnel with Oracle CRM On Demand

Key capabilities include:

Improved collaboration between sales and marketing

Now, sales and marketing can better collaborate on critical business processes like definition of sales-ready leads, acceptance criteria of leads, follow-up service level agreement of such qualified leads, automated feedback to marketing on lead follow-up, and ongoing communications throughout the sales process.

Automated nurture of leads

Marketing can now automate multi-stage multi-channel campaigns. With multiple options marketing organisations can start with simple, visual drag-drop campaign design options and can scale with robust, rules-based adaptive workflows that can support hundreds of offers and personalise the flow to an individual contact in the database.

Build deeper profiles

With our unique and proven progressive profiling engine, marketers can build deeper profiles about customers and prospects including self reported insights, online and offline marketing activities and feedback from the sales process.

Robust response management

Marketers can now build personalised landing pages, microsites, and intelligent web forms using a self service, rules-based solution. Progressive profiling ensures that marketers capture valid, clean data while minimising irrelevant questions. A built-in recommendation engine allows marketers to present relevant offers to prospects in email campaigns or using the web channel.

Lead scoring and routing

An automated process allows marketers become more productive by ensuring valid, high-quality leads are scored and routed to the appropriate sales channel. With multiple delivery options such as email, FTP, web services, and out-of-the-box integration with Oracle CRM On Demand marketers can automate lead delivery to their direct sales organisation and channel partners.


With a built-in multi-dimensional data warehouse, marketing and sales departments now have access to enhanced and integrated analytics across the entire revenue funnel. Marketers can measure key performance indicators such as lead velocity across the revenue funnel and also measure the affect of marketing campaigns on opportunity pipeline and closed deals.

With these features marketing and sales departments can become efficient by eliminating leakages in their sales and marketing funnel, improve conversion rates across all stages of the funnel, and enhance collaboration between sales and marketing.

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