Lead Scoring & Routing

Can You Track Your Buyers Behaviour?

The concept of lead scoring is really just a modern adaptation of a manual process successful marketing and sales people have been doing for many years. Technology allows this to be an automated process, capturing the activities and behaviours of prospects and customers.

In a nutshell, you apply points to certain behaviours. For example, someone may download a client testimonial from your website. You need to make sure your marketing team aren’t giving content away for nothing. If someone finds your content of sufficient value, ask them some questions before they download. In the B2B space, if a buyer sees advantage in obtaining your content, they will typically provide you with some data. If they choose not to, perhaps they’re not really feeling any pain in relation to the business problems you solve.

The data you capture the first time may be as simple as “first name”, “last name” and their email address. The next time they return to your website, remembering you know who they are now, you may ask them different questions. For example “Are you planning to purchase this quarter?” Based on their response, you may award 5 points for “No” and 20 points for “Yes”. You add to that an additional 15 points because they downloaded your client testimonial.

Previous consultation between your marketing and sales teams determined that a “Marketing Qualified Lead” (MQL) equals 100 points. Over time, the score builds based on the buyer’s behaviour and eventually it becomes a MQL. At this point, you can automate the distribution of the lead based on a set of pre-determined criteria. This means the right leads are passed to the right sales team or even to a specific sales person. You set the criteria.

Transparency Around What Defines a “Lead”

Marketing now have a clear line of sight from an unknown person through to a “Sales Accepted Lead” (SAL), through the opportunity management process and finally closed business. Over time, you can imagine the richness of the data you will gather and the depth of insight you will have over your buyers journey.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Understand your buyers journey?
  2. Be clear about the business problem you solve better than any of your competitors.
  3. Gain agreement between Marketing & Sales on what constitutes a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’.
  4. Be prepared to refine your scoring regime. It’s not a ‘set and forget’ model.
  5. Source the right technology to help you execute a lead scoring strategy.

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