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Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) provides marketers with the ability to gain increased insight through embedded analytics to understand where to invest their marketing dollars.

With  a unified cross-channel response management system, all responses are automatically stored and tracked in a common repository significantly reducing challenges related to data de-duplication and data standardisation.

Branding Consistency

The corporate marketing team can prepare email and landing page templates for use by the broader Marketing team as well as the Sales team. This ensures branding is consistent across all touch points with prospects and clients.

Multi-Channel Execution Model

The key to “engaging” with prospects today is making sure they can reach you by any manner they choose. Oracle Marketing Cloud provides coverage with landing pages, microsites, email campaigns, social engagement and integration with Oracle Social Relationship Management, specifically Social Marketing.

Through these channels you provide links to popular social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Regardless of how people choose to communicate with you, Oracle Marketing Cloud can support you.

Oracle Marketing Cloud can also be extended to add additional vendors supporting webinars and extended the core functionality. Click Here to visit the Eloqua AppCloud.

Increased Lead Conversion

There are a few schools of thought around what the purpose of marketing is or should be.  For some, marketing is a branding machine. Branding is important, however the delivery of leads to the sales team is of at least equal importance.

“Four in five CEOs have trust issues with their marketing team and claim to be unimpressed by their work, a study by Fournaise Marketing Group has revealed.”

“Three in four of the interviewees thought marketers were too focussed on new techniques and jargon to understand terms like ‘results’, ‘return on investment’ and ‘performance’ in the business context. The group wants their marketers to focus on more tangible results, with 74% expressing a desire to see greater demonstration of return on investment.”

SOURCEMarketing Magazine*

On the flip side, there is some well deserved caution by the CMO to simply spam 20,000 non opted-in contacts because the CXO wants something “out the door today“. A smart email campaign needs to have the following in place and agreed:

The need to establish measurability. Without determining your baseline, your goals, and your method for measuring success, you’ll never know if any email campaign is a hit or a miss. It’s in everyone’s interest to gather actionable data—and in your interest to get those criteria in writing.
The need to quantify decisions. An executive should respect a well-reasoned counterproposal. “Any CEO worth their salt wants a leadership team that will work to understand goals and present better alternatives rather than simply follow orders,” argues Meriam.
The need to focus on the correct pain points. Undue haste pre-empts the research that ensures your promised solution addresses a pain point your subscribers actually feel.

SOURCE: MarketingProfs

Do More With Less

When you fold in Oracle’s Social Network (OSN) and the portability via mobile platforms, marketing can be much closer to the sales and service teams through a single database. There’s no need to wait for data uploads, overnight batching etc. The core teams, sales, marketing and service have a single view of your prospects and clients.

The Oracle Social Network, part of Oracle Sales Cloud, provides a platform for feedback and interaction with colleagues in the next cube, the other side of the country or overseas.

Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) requires licences in addition to the Oracle Sales Cloud CRM base application.

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