Oracle CRM On Demand Users Group Feedback March 2012

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Following the 1st March 2012 Users Group Meeting, attendees kindly responded to a few questions to help us improve future meetings. Their responses, in summary, are listed below by question.

How Would You Rate The Refreshments? Q1
The overall response was “delicious”. We’ll be sure to pass that onto the caterers.  
More or Less Time? Q2
The meeting currently starts at 3pm and concludes at 5pm with drinks and nibbles to follow. Most people thought the timing was just right. One person responded about 30 minutes less and one person wanted it a little longer.  
Please provide any comments below that you feel will help us with this event in the future Q3

Comments included:

“…great vehicle for sharing best practices and advice – the more people participating, the better!”

“…perhaps let us know in advance who is attending.”

“I feel companies who are in development stages of their solution would gain greatly from these meetings. I know I would have loved to have attended while in the early stages of ours.” 

 Quality of Material Provided?  Q4
The general consensus was that the quality of the material provided was “about right”. We’re always looking for other users to share their insight around their implmentation of Oracle CRM On Demand. Click Here if you’re like to present at a future meeting.  
 The Venue?  Q5
Most people were happy with the venue. The CRMNow offices were partially renovated at the time. The May meeting will be more comfortable. As the group size grows we may have to look at external locations. If you’d like to host a future meeting at your office, Click Here to contact our marketing team.  
 Was The Registration Form Easy To Use?  Q6
All attendees found the registration process easy. While on that topic, don’t forget to register for the May Users Group Meeting. Click Here to register today.  
 Would you recommend this meeting to others?  Q7
There was a resounding yes from all participants.  
Your Input on Material Provided  Q8

 Comments included:

“I think it was interesting to see the presentation on how CRM was implemented for one of the users, but for the overview of Release 20 functionality, it would have been useful to see a few screen-shots from an early development preview version of R20.”

“The material was relevant and appropriate.”

Your Main Objectives in Attending  Q9

 Comments included:

“Networking, learning from other users, establishing a community in ANZ to drive ongoing evolution of the CRMOD Product.”

“Interested in meeting others that are working with CRM On Demand in order to build up a network in Australia.”

“To see how to improve the usage of CRM on demand. The objective was not met.”

“Keep up to date with latest on product and partner – yes”

“To [get a] view [about] how other companies use a similar solution and to try get ideas on where we can go with our solution to further our business”

 Your Suggestion for Future Meetings  Q10

 Comments included:

“Perhaps deep dive into some of the capabilities”

“I agree with what was discussed in the meeting that sharing some ideas about advanced configuration options and tricks would be interesting. I’m happy to present some ideas depending on the topic.”

“It would be good to have some demonstration and sharing among users.”

 “hearing who is using the product and how”


Thank you Again for Your Input

We have reviewed your feedback in detail and will work with Quest International Users Group as we plan for the next meeting, 15th May, 2012.

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