Wealth Management

Oracle CRM On Demand Wealth Management

Oracle’s CRM On Demand Wealth Management solution is a flexible, software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based sales platform that helps banks, financial institutions, and other wealth management service providers increase market share and revenue, acquire new customers, enhance the value of existing customers, and increase business insight and control.

CRM On Demand Wealth Management provides relationship managers with the tools they need to quickly locate and leverage a client’s profile, using the information to decrease sales cycle time, increase new opportunity close rates, and maximize account wallet-share.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a single view of the customer that enables faster, higher quality needs analysis
  • Streamline sales processes to improve effectiveness and collaboration
  • Take a systematic, proactive approach to managing client books of business and client relationships, generate and track opportunities, and manage service requests
  • Access comprehensive and timely reporting, including pipeline and activity trending

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