Chapter 2.7 Mental Preparation

What I do want to spend some time on is Mental Preparation for Selling, as I believe that what you are thinking communicates more clearly than we care to realize. Try a little experiment. Everybody has someone they speak to regularly on the phone. The next two times you phone them do the following.

The first time, stand up when you are talking to them and keep a smile on your face; the second time slouch in your chair and try to frown. I guarantee that if your friend has any sensitivity at all, independent of any topic you are discussing, and without any visual clues they will know the mood you are simulating. If they cannot tell the difference, they are clearly insensitive brutes!

On the very first Sales Training course I attended in 1979, I was grounded in Positive Mental Preparation for selling, which I shared with you in the chapters about SHEAF Qualities and PEYSOF Attitudes.

A simple health warning, to become an effective communicator, you will need to think and act on the “learning’s” in the chapter about You. If you think and act on this knowledge you will change. As with any type of mental (or spiritual) exercise, if you practice, it will change who you are. There is no way to fake, or pretend to be a good salesperson or communicator; you have to become a good salesperson or communicator. I am sure that if I had become an accountant or a lawyer I would be a different person today. I fundamentally and wholeheartedly believe the world would be a better place is more people were effective communicators, but it is you that has to choose to change.

No investment you ever make will have a better long term sustainable return that investing in yourself. Improve your attitude and abilities, commit yourself to continuously improvement of your professional skills and you will succeed, partly because most people do not.

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