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The fact that you’re reading this web page suggests that your organisation has a significant business challenge that’s causing you to look for a solution. It would be easy at this point for us to suggest that a CRM can fix your problems, but we’re not going to do that.

Instead, having spoken and worked with many clients just like yourself, we’ve prepared some general issues below that we’ve come across and attempted to give you some background so that you can conduct your research in your own time.

What Should a CRM Be?

“Be more than a contact manager. Contact managers are great for what they do, but a CRM system has to go beyond being a database of contacts and provide systems for developing client relationships, closing deals, sales forecasting etc.”

There are a variety of approaches for you to take if you think a CRM could potentially be a fix to your business challenges. However we believe the best approach is to first understand the business challenges you’re facing. Then working backwards we can provide you with suggestions on how to resolve your business challenges.

Effective Selling in the 21st Century

The sales challenge has fundamentally changed more in the past 2 years than it has in the past 20 years. That challenge is largely manifest by buyers engaging much earlier in the sales pipeline than they have in the past. A sales person has to become less of an order taker and more of a conveyor of value. They need to understand the prospects business in order to accurately convey the value the prospect is seeking.

Marketing Can Join The Board-Room Table

Recent editorial media reports have suggested that Australian CEO’s don’t trust their Marketing team. The CEO wants results, not endless stats of facebook “likes”, Twitter followers etc. With many systems plus the social media sites and the data they generate, Marketing are quickly heading in one of two directions:

  1. Down a rat hole of number crunching, probably managed in excel or,
  2. They’re delivering customer centric data to the C-Suite providing a never before seen level of detail. Some call this a prospects “Digital Footprint“.

Collaboration: Internal & External

Social Media and engagement is high on the list of discussions we’re having with government and business clients. Understanding how to maximise the social revolution is a current and very real challenge.

Many of the companies we speak to are still restricting staff access to YouTube, facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn from behind their IT firewalls. It’s hard to engage with people when you can’t even get to where the action is.

Gaining a Single View of Clients & Constituents

The “single view” concept was the mantra for CRM providers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Just as organisations started to feel they were on top of this challenge, social media arrived half way through last decade. An entire level of communication and engagement was now taking place on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you weren’t aware.

The Cloud & Security

Before we called it “The Cloud” it was SaaS (Software as a Service) and before that it was called “Servers”. It’s fair to say that the cloud has revolutionised the way we access and manipulate data, however there’s a degree of ‘spin’ in the market and working your way through that spin can be a challenge.

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