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Customer Experience Drove Optus SMB To Select Oracle CRM On Demand

Optus SMB identified the difficulty their front line staff were having delivering the level of service their customers were expecting. While the team were doing a great job, they were juggling multiple systems while interacting with customers. Letting internal staff and external sales staff look at the same information at the same time was a critical requirement. This became a shared view of the customer with all channels viewing the same customer data.

Challenges They Faced

  • They struggled to have a true single view of the customer across their various channels and internal departments.
  • The lack of a defined sales process meant multiple definitions floated around the business. A “lead” to marketing was different to a “lead” for sales. The definition of a “customer” was also up for debate.
  • The marketing team needed a clear line of sight from purchased lists, through lead generated, opportunity managed and sale closed.
  • Their various channel partners sought a single system where they could view their customers, their billing details, handset details and interactions with customer service.
  • The direct sales team juggled excel spreadsheets which required manipulation each week to roll up the line to satisfy the forecast requirements of the leadership team.

“The team at CRMNow approached our issues with the expertise we needed. They didn’t bury us in technology, they understood our business problem and helped us develop processes to improve our business, overall driving a better customer experience.”

Brett Cooper
Head of Customer Experience & Transformation

 Solutions Delivered

  • Optus SMB and channel partners now have a single view of the client, each party can see the same data as it relates to their customers.
  • With a single sales process underpinning all other activities, all stakeholders in the business are now on the same page and can communicate clearly knowing e.g. what a Lead is.
  • Marketing now have the ability to follow a purchased name from a list, all the way through to becoming a customer. ROI is now a much easier calculation than it was previously.
  • The single view means all members of the Optus SMB eco system can have intelligent conversations with customers about billing, handsets and data packages.
  • The direct sales team as well as channel partners all now forecast in exactly the same manner. From the Managing Director to the in-field sales representative, they view the same data as it relates to their own activities and their job role. Hours have been saved per week and per sales person as their forecast and selling activities roll up to their line managers

Summary Points


  • Telecommunications

Annual Revenue:

  • A$1.348b (inc. Optus SMB)

User Community:

  • 1,200+

Oracle Products & Services:

  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Oracle Partner Relationship Management

CRMNow Products & Services:

  • Sales Process Health Assessment
  • Sales Value Chain Assessment

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