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CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud – Migration Made Easy

Migration from CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud is easy with  Oracle’s Migration Utility. All objects, fields, reports, data, users, and company parameters such as product catalogues and sales methodology are migrated to Oracle Sales Cloud using the Migration Utility.

Both standard and custom objects and fields are migrated to Oracle Sales Cloud. Even CRM On Demand standard fields that are not included in Oracle Sales Cloud are migrated and custom fields are created to ensure no loss of functionality or data. Custom fields and objects are recreated with the correct field types. A post migration check is conducted to review what has been migrated successfully.

CRM On Demand reports can also be migrated to Oracle Sales Cloud. Or take advantage of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to create new reports. OBIEE functionality includes: interactive dashboards, ad hoc analysis and interactive reporting, mobile analytics, and the ability to schedule and deliver reports to end users.

If you would like to discuss this please Contact CRMNow to discuss this in more detail.

Creating Themes in Classic UI for Sales Cloud

Stumbled on the following details that look to be still undocumented by Oracle. Here is how you can create a theme for the Classic UI within Oracle Sales Cloud by completing the following process:

  1. Click Navigator -> Setup and Maintenance
  2. Search and Go to Task “Manage Menu Customizations”
  3. Expand Customization
  4. Highlight Themes and Show Component
  5. Click Close
  6. Now go to the Navigator Menu and Customization and then Themes

Now you are ready to start the process  – enjoy!

Regulatory hurdles end cloud pilot

Read the following article on why Individuals within the banking and finance industries should all be asking the question as to where their  Customer data is stored. Following details on the crack down from financial services watchdog APRA.

Oracle Sales Cloud is hosted within the Sydney data centre and within months all backups will also be stored within Australia with Oracle opening a second data centre in Melbourne.

Read the article here

Oracle Voice Review

We have spent some time reviewing this app and in our findings on R8 we have not been able to find a customer to deploy this functionality due to the fact that you cannot create Interactions against Customers, Contacts and Opportunities. So many Customers require Sales Reporting on Customer Interactions as part of their weekly KPI’s and without this currently no Customers have taken up the app.

While in Release 9 this will change with a common Activities object to allow for reporting this will assist in the process but I’m not sure it will fix the issue here around not being able to “Log a call” within Oracle Voice and allow for Sales Reporting. Yes you can create a task or note but when you come down to what each object is used for “Log a call” is missing.

Additionally to add to this not being available on Android currently I don’t see too much uptake here in APAC for this.

I’ve gone live with the Sales Cloud Outlook integration

I’ve seen this demod many times but it’s even better now I’m using it. Surprisingly it’s everything Oracle made it out to be – very simple to send an email and record it in the Sales Cloud, really simple to keep appointments and tasks synch’ed. It actually encourages more rigour in keeping that interaction trail up to date.


Bottom line I think this will deliver for anyone using Sales Cloud.

Oracle Voice hits GA

I personally have known about this functionality for a while and after hearing about a few delays was very excited to hear that Oracle Voice was now GA. Oracle has been working on this for sometime now and as a Part Time Sales rep this is golden. There will be so many people out there that will see true value in this tool set and what it can offer. Now Reps have no excuse for not entering notes or updating details within the CRM – it’s not like they can’t say they didn’t have time to talk.

Oracle has released the following video on this new product. For all those people wondering if we will see an Android version I have been informed they are working on this and it could be made available towards the end of the year (with the standard Oracle release blurb)

Enjoy the video