Our Values

Clear and agreed-upon values can keep an organisation and its people on track. Values provide guidelines for decision-making and behavior, and answer questions such as, “What do I want to live my life by and how?” But the values need to be clearly described and consistently acted upon to be beneficial. They also must resonate with the personal values of those working in the organisation, and they must support the organisation’s purpose in order to be relevant. To become cemented in the organisation’s culture, everyone must be held accountable for living up to and demonstrating the companies’ values in their day-to-day actions.

SOURCE: The Importance of Establish Corporate Values.

At CRMNow we determined that a set of corporate values, agreed to by the team, would be a helpful tool to act as a reminder about why we do the things we do. How we treat and interact with each other and most importantly how we interact with our clients.

During our recent annual off-site conference, we prepared the following as our corporate values.

  1. Do it now, do it properly.
  2. Listen with a view to understanding before making decisions.
  3. Your customer’s view is the final arbiter of the value you have delivered.
  4. Begin with the end in mind.
  5. Respect people in our customer’s and in our organisation.
  6. Treat what you are doing now with focus and intensity – don’t look for distractions.
  7. To ensure the best value and quality output for our clients, we think carefully about how we can utilise variable cost structures where possible.
  8. Trust yourself to make the right decision.

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