Oracle Voice Review

We have spent some time reviewing this app and in our findings on R8 we have not been able to find a customer to deploy this functionality due to the fact that you cannot create Interactions against Customers, Contacts and Opportunities. So many Customers require Sales Reporting on Customer Interactions as part of their weekly KPI’s and without this currently no Customers have taken up the app.

While in Release 9 this will change with a common Activities object to allow for reporting this will assist in the process but I’m not sure it will fix the issue here around not being able to “Log a call” within Oracle Voice and allow for Sales Reporting. Yes you can create a task or note but when you come down to what each object is used for “Log a call” is missing.

Additionally to add to this not being available on Android currently I don’t see too much uptake here in APAC for this.

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