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Oralce Fusion CRM Smart Phone On iPhone and BlackberryAs mobile technology and specifically Smart Phones have become so pervasive in our personal and business lives, new ways of developing apps and ways to access information have also come about. The term “Mobile First” represents a paradigm shift for many companies.

From his article in March 2012, Riley Graham shares his understanding of the new term or phrase “Mobile First”.

But, what does mobile first mean, exactly?… By implementing responsive JavaScript, it’s possible to tell Web sites to adapt to whatever device a person is using to view a Web site. I had seen Web sites behave in this manner, but until that moment, I hadn’t understood that mobile first is both a strategy and a new way of writing code.

SOURCE: Riley Graham UX Matters

A Paradigm Shift

In the past, software was written for desktop PC’s. When the web arrived companies started to move certain applications online e.g. email became Hotmail, various accounting software application created online versions and of course CRM systems from companies like Oracle and  This became known as “Software as a Service”.

As smartphones arrived with browsers you were able to access these various online applications through your smartphone. It quickly became necessary to revisit the UI (user interface). A small 2″ screen didn’t really work for software that was designed to be used on 17″ desktop screens.

Along came the APP. The App or application enabled smartphone users to access information where it was presented in a UI designed for a much smaller screen. Personally, being mobile was a huge plus and while navigating some software was cumbersome, it was very handy. However apps made the process much easier and more enjoyable.

J Query – A way to present data for SmartPhones

I don’t profess to understand the world of code, however I do know that programming language like J Query has made the rendering of information on a smartphone much easier. In laymen’s terms J Query allows a developer to write a piece of software in HTML5 (technically J Query is JavaScript Library which makes working with HTML5 easier) which means regardless of the device i.e. smartphone, iPhone, Galaxy, iPad or desktop browsers, the user experience is consistent.

jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

SOURCE: j Query Mobile

This helps business because…

…if you have enterprise software/applications you can create a mobile solution which allows access to the information from a smartphone or mobile device. In the context of Mobile First, you would begin the design process of any new applications with the mobile solution first.

However, many organisations have legacy systems for which they want to provide mobile access. So in that case, it’s mobile second, but that’s ok. So, while strictly speaking you won’t be taking a mobile first approach, you can draw on the fundamentals of what mobile first means.

Google research shows that 58% of Aussies own a smartphone. Click Here to read some compelling stats that show you need to be thinking Mobile First.

In Summary

If you’re struggling to access information from your web enabled enterprise systems via your mobile devices, there is a solution. The team at CRMNow has developed such apps for clients and we use them ourselves. Both Oracle and have out of the box apps built specifically for smartphones and the iPad. That covers your CRM needs, but if you have other systems that you’d like the team to access via mobile devices, contact us today on 02 9954 6055

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