Chapter 6.2 Body of Knowledge – Resources

The first resource you should look at is your company. It is in the company’s interest to develop your productivity as fast as possible and sales training has to be a part of that. As a minimum you should expect one training course that gives you professional development once a year. A new sales professional should expect an induction and introduction to selling course. A more experienced professional should expect an advanced course (SPIN, Needs Based or Solution Selling, Major Account Development) again at least once a year.

Another easily available resource is your local bookshop or library. The topics of interest are to be found in Self Help, Motivational, and Business as well as Sales Training. I have often found that books are not good value in terms of ideas per book. This is particularly true of business books which tend to pad out a few ideas with hundred of pages of examples or stories or quotations that illustrate the idea in action. I sincerely hope you feel that this eBook is good value in terms of ideas per page!

Nowadays the best resource available to anybody is the Internet. If you enter as a Google search term any of the chapter or section titles you will get thousands of hits. One of the reasons I structured this book this way is that you can get specific help reasonably easily, but I have never seen a book that provides a framework for future research. What I hope this eBook does is give you an end to end understanding of what it takes to Develop Yourself As a Sales Professional. You can deep dive on topics as you need, or as you become interested.

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