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Mobile marketing is a common strategy in today’s business world as it is an effective way to touch on the vast number of mobile users. One of the beauties of pin-pointing mobile users is that they have access around the clock.

It’s not unusual for marketers to force feed product news and updates to consumers in order to get them to buy. I think they’re missing the point though. Customer experience allows you to build relationships with consumers and, as we know, this allows us to better sell to our market.

I found a great article from Mobile Advertising Hub titled “Mobile Marketing: One-Night Stand or Long-Term Relationship?” which talks to the above point:

As is so often the case, in a new and fast-growing market, there are many advertisers who are taking a short-term, fly-by-night approach to mobile marketing. Specifically, too many companies are focusing on the simplest, superficial interactions with customers. They’re trying to get customers to click a link or watch an ad on their mobile devices. And if a customer doesn’t want to “buy now” they simply don’t count. These companies are taking a “one-night stand” approach to getting a short, superficial interaction with customers, instead of building a “long-term relationship” based on committed, higher-value interactions over time.

The article suggests that marketers are better off taking time to understand the buyer’s journey and use mobile marketing techniques at every stage. Ensure that the use of mobile can be used throughout the entire process. The article provides answers to the following:

  • How can you use mobile marketing to encourage trial?
  • What will customers purchase on their mobile and when?
  • How can you get your customers to opt-in to a longer relationship in social media?
  • Can you use mobile to improve the post-purchase experience?
  • Can you be more targeted in your approach?

Engaging with customers has also become easier with the development of apps. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber, Whatsapp etc are all free apps that allow organisations to communicate with customers the way they want to be engaged with.

For more information on social engagement using mobile, Click Here.

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