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I’m amazed at the number of businesspeople commuting to and from work during the week that are entrenched in their mobile devices, and for the record, i’m no different.

What Most people seem to enjoy though, is having access to their social networks on the run. I have access to both my personal and work Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts wherever I am on my smartphone and iPad.

I believe that social media organisations have done a stellar job of creating these apps that provide the exact functionality and access you can get from your desktop. I often speak to people who only use their smartphones to access their social accounts.

A fantastic report I often reference from ExactTarget is the “Digital Down Under Report #15” which states that 27% of Australians check Facebook as the last thing they do online in a typical day. A quote also states:

“At night I am a lot more active on the internet, as I can use it of my own free will (unlike at work). I spend time researching, shopping, socialising, etc.” – Tali, age 26

If you haven’t downloaded social apps on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android, go ahead and do so, because you can stay connected with your peers, family, customers and prospects around the clock.

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After studying Marketing at both Wollongong University and the University of Technology, Sydney, Michael Worked in B2B Marketing for the Cronulla Sharks Football Club for 3 years. Currently at CRMNow, he looks at Customer Relationship Management as a vital aspect of successful business and with a passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing he believes that all businesses have the potential to grow and remain profitable no matter the size.

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