A Single Data Store Should Be The Goal

Our ability to present a holistic view of prospect and customer interaction or engagement to end users should be the goal of every organisation.

Today, more than any other time in history, this can be a reality. Not only for the top end of town i.e. the big corporates, but small and medium enterprises can also access this same functionality.

Organisations like Oracle Corporation and salesforce.com have solutions available today that bring Marketing, Sales and Service together while keeping the customer at the heart of the process. Add the social revolution to this scenario and you have a richness of data that can provide a level of insight previously unattainable in a single system.

Disparate Systems Solved

I’m working with two clients at the moment, one a major US brand with a huge number of departments with products and services crossing many industries. The other, a medical services firm provides very specific products to the medical industry.

Both organisations, while very different, have a digital marketing challenge. The first wants to engage and reach out to their partners and customers. The other is split, with part of the team wanting to engage and the other not seeing the benefit of a single system which incorporates customer data, marketing data and service data.

I’ll keep working with these clients and we’ll do our best to help them identify the value of a single system.

What are your thoughts?

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