Social Collaboration Delivers Superior Customer Service

What is Social Collaboration?

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We’ve seen how social platforms like facebook and Twitter have entered the business world. The jury still seems to be out in relation to lead generation, however customer service has been a hit for many companies.In Australia we see organisations like Telstra engaging via Twitter. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has an entire team of Social Media Managers engaging with their prospects and customers pre and post sale.

Collaboration During Implementation

In a recent implementations of a cloud based CRM system, we had the opportunity to use Social Collaboration to help during the implementation phase. It’s worked so well that we’ve continued to use it post go live.

The client is able to engage with us from within the CRM using the built in social collaboration stream. For clients this would be Chatter, for Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) clients this would be the Oracle Social Network.

Tools to Engage

Setting aside the actually platforms for a moment i.e. Chatter and the Oracle Social Network, there are a few other things we’ve discovered along the way that may help. The first one has been an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

If you engaging with clients through a social platform, there needs to be a degree of expectation around when you’ll respond. I’ve found that running the relevant apps on my iPad is helpful. They’re native iPad apps as well as simply accessing the CRM via a browser.

Examples of Requests

Some of the most common requests we managed post go live were about new fields and “how do I…” requests. The “How do I…” requests were generally quite easy to respond to.   You can include a hyperlink from the built in Help menu which provides the answer and also gives the user exposure to the extensive Help that’s available.

The new fields requests are a little different. The wrong response would be to simply create the field. The right answer we’ve found is to challenge the client about why they believe they need to the new field.

Keep in mind the go live system they’re using had been signed off as a complete system. Also, as new users they’re probably not as well versed in the system as a whole. In some cases we found requests were easily responded to because the field already existed or they were deviating from a defined business process, so “end user training” via the social platform was the best solution.

Is ‘Social’ Forming Part of your Customer Service Strategy?

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