Chapter 5.5 – Beating The Competition

Until now I have avoided the traditional metaphors of warfare or sporting competition to describe the skills and activities of a salesperson, but when it comes to beating the competition it is appropriate because it is a zero sum game. Either you win, or the competition wins. Either you earn some immediate commission and build a bridgehead (first warfare analogy) or you lose territory to the enemy. This is warfare as known in ancient times, it is not ideological it is about taking home the gold.

All of the techniques we have discussed help you improve your skills and your ability to strategise a sales campaign (uncovering requirements, understanding differentiation) which all contribute to you winning more than you lose. This section shares with you two specific tools which allow you to assess how you are doing against a competitor, and suggests what you might need to do to win.

The first tool is a status of the battlefield tool. What you do is to look at five “battlefields” and you estimate your current situation. The five battlefields are:-

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Emotional
  • Relationship
  • Solution

Let’s look at them one by one:-

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