Chapter 5.5.2 Beating the Competition – Economic

This is where you make a judgment on how well you have understood the company and the executives you are selling to. Read the section on The Customer as a Human Being again and the section on the Product – Spaced Benefits. List down the three or four most influential executives in the evaluation and decision making process and compare the way you positioned the Spaced benefits against the emotional profile of the customer. Given what you know about the executives and the meetings you have had with them and ask yourself – “Which way would they vote today?” An extreme example should help make this clearer.

In the final presentation you fly in the Evangelist for your product from San Francisco, he was dressed like Steve Jobs in jeans and a black tee-shirt and a flowing pony tail; he talked about how cool the product was and how the product strategy was cutting edge. The chairman of the customer evaluation committee is a 60 year old guy wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie. Ok let’s look at another example that may be less extreme. A conservative bank is looking at outsourcing a business function. While you have the skills to do the job, this is a new account for your company and your competitor is someone like IBM, both a Market Leader and an incumbent vendor. This is the emotional battlefield. Is the customer looking for a Secure decision, or is he looking for a Performance decision. Is he prepared to take a risk on your proposal when you may be the better solution but your company is an unknown quantity.

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