Oracle Sales Cloud CRM – In The Beginning

A few months ago CRMNow signed a new agreement with Oracle to launch our own internal instance of Oracle’s new Oracle Sales Cloud (FUSION CRM). Oracle Sales Cloud brings a new level of functionality to the CRM space.

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A blast from the past…

Oracle has capitalised on Siebel CRM, long seen as the benchmark of CRM systems. Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD) was originally Siebel On Demand, but the name changed when Oracle acquired Siebel. Further developments in CRMOD over the years have seen a greatly enhanced product from the Siebel On Demand days.

Those advances have now been taken a step further with Oracle Sales Cloud. From our observations and initial exposure to the product, we’re confident in saying that Oracle Sales Cloud is a hybrid between CRMOD and Siebel.

We often used the analogy that CRMOD was like a pre-fabricated home. You could change the colour of the walls and perhaps replace the Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances with Miele appliances and perhaps replace the laminate benchtops with granite.

But, if you want to move walls around and add bedrooms and perhaps a second level, you need to start from scratch. That would mean you need to look to Siebel and the hefty price tag that comes with it.

Oracle Sales Cloud really is a hybrid, you get much of the functionality you’d find in Siebel, but with the flexibility of a SaaS or cloud based application, like CRMOD.

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Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to post some Oracle Sales Cloud updates to this blog post. There are still some questions people are asking and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

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We will continue to operate our instance of CRMOD until we have Oracle Sales Cloud up and running. We will continue to provide services for CRMOD, we have many clients using the application.

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