Chapter 5 The Unifying Process

The purpose of this chapter is to pull together the three elements (You, the Product, and the Customer) and the skills required to orchestrate these elements into a process called selling. Edward Deming the great business thinker on quality said “If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process; you do not know what you are doing.”

Sales is a process and designing sales processes for companies is something I have done for a living and they can vary immensely, but if we take a 30,000 feet view the new business sales process has 3 stages:

  • Finding Customers.
  • Finding & Managing Opportunities which splits down into – identifying requirements (opportunities) with customers and selling solutions to satisfy the customer requirements.
  • Negotiating to a close.

In this chapter I will add another topic which is Beating the Competition as it is separate from the process but fundamental to winning the deal.

I will also talk separately about Account Development ie selling new products or solutions to an existing account.

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