Chapter 4.6 Personality Types

By personality type I am not referring to “optimist” or “pessimist” it is a set of personality attributes that become apparent in a working environment. The classification is as follows:-

  • Dominant / Driver
  • Stable / Analytic
  • Social / Complacent
  • Ego / Expressive

Dominant / Driver

This is the classic profile of the CEO type or the “alpha male” type. He is goal oriented and driven to achieve those goals and he will always assume he is the dominant male in any group.

Stable / Analytic

The archetype here might be the CFO or the CIO. This is someone who probably had an engineering or science educational background and is emotionally stable and focused on the numbers. In the executive group will often act as a “consultant” the CEO will ask for his judgment and will respect it.

Social / Complacent

Rarely found at the “C” level but very common in Middle Management. These guys are looking to achieve competence and acceptance, but are mainly motivated by group wellbeing whether it is the team at work or their families.

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