Mobile CRM Makes All The Difference

On a recent trip to KL, Malaysia for a conference, I again discovered the flexibility of a SaaS or cloud based CRM. While the meetings over three days took most of my time, I was easily able to log into Oracle CRM On Demand and check the progress of several email campaigns and update details on a few Opportunities.

While I experience this on a regular basis at home in Sydney, I think I take the SaaS environment for granted, it’s what we’ve all come to expect today. At one point, I had an SMS come through while shopping at the Petronas Towers, I couldn’t find any Wifi, but I did find some public PC’s I could use. A dollar later, I was online and able to respond to the query that has come through via SMS. 

The Next Generation In CRM – Oracle FUSION CRM

With Oracle FUSION CRM now available, it takes mobile access to your CRM to the next level. The mobile app is available on Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry. While this level of access is now expected by most clients, we’re excited about the level of configurability available in the background. I say this as the marketing guy!

Oralce Fusion CRM Smart Phone On iPhone and Blackberry

Essentially this means the mobile app is not simply a duplicate of FUSION CRM you access from your PC or laptop – it can be if you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be. Your FUSION CRM administrators can pick and choose what users see on the mobile version. This can be helpful to simplify the mobile app for the sales and marketing teams, therefore improving usability. I can say that as a marketing guy!

It can also be helpful if your ‘Information Security’ team are nervous about information being available via mobile, you can negotiate with them about which parts of FUSION CRM should be exposed to the Mobile App.

It doesn’t matter how many ways you look at it, FUSION CRM provides a significant level of flexibility for the various user communities and stakeholders within your business.

What Next?

The team at CRMNow are moving to FUSION CRM over the coming months. As we make this change, we’ll keep you posted via our Oracle FUSION CRM blog. This will help you keep track of our progress. 

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