AAPT hack highlights need for SMEs to update IT systems

IT security can be something business owners don’t think about until after they’ve been hacked. It’s common for big companies to be attacked on a daily basis and in some cases hourly. They have infrastructure and the people in place to maintain their systems.

We saw in the press recently a ‘hack’ at AAPT:

Internet service provider AAPT has suffered a hacking attempt at the hands of internet activists, and experts say the incident serves as yet another reason why businesses need to stay vigilant when updating their IT systems.

It appears APPT responded as quickly as possible with their business partner Melbourne IT. 

But AVG security advisor Michael McKinnon says there is a question over whether the data accessed by Anonymous had been archived for several months. If that’s the case, he says, it serves as a lesson in how businesses should go about protecting old data.

“As businesses grow, there’s an incredible sprawl of technology, and servers are systems that are only put in place for a short period of time,” he says.

There are obvious benefits to keeping some, if not all of your data in the cloud. The world’s leading Cloud based CRM providers have backups beyond backups and redundancies built into their hosting solutions.

SOURCE: SmartCompany.com.au

Oracle’s Austin, TX, USA Data Centre

Watch this video to gain some insight into how secure these large global date centres are.

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