Turning Your Social Media Visitors Into Leads – Where is it Working?

I am always questioning how effective it is to turn your social media visitors into actual sales leads. I have blogged about measuring your social media platforms to get a grasp of what is working and what isn’t but at the end of the day, if visitors aren’t turned into leads what’s the point apart from basic branding and interaction? What I was out to discover was on what platform(s) does it work best.

I found the article, “LinkedIn Beats Twitter and Facebook in B2B conversions” via Marketingprofs.com which displays figures surrounding research into this topic performed by HubSpot. It talks nicely to actual conversion rates of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn visitors to actual sales leads. The findings were as follows:

In a study of 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers in 2011, LinkedIn generated a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.60%, on average. That’s four times higher than the average visitor-to-lead rate for Twitter (0.67%) and seven times higher than the average rate for Facebook (0.39%).



Facebook and Twitter are forever growing but LinkedIn has not been left behind. In actual fact, it is faster growing than Facebook and Twitter and revolves purely around B2B contact. A very valuable tool, I like to look at LinkedIn as a digital business card holder that should only be used for business. So, while these results don’t overly surprise me, they are impressive and should continue to grow as LinkedIn grows with more users worldwide.

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