Making Sense of Social Media – The Management Challenge

One topic that recurs daily on popular marketing websites such as Marketing Professionals and Mckinsey is that social media is important however do we really understand as managers how important it is? It seems that many organisations play the social media “game” because their competitors are which probably isn’t an adequate reason why to give it a go. Social media marketing in the B2B space is quite slow moving which we have found here at CRMNow as our target markets are paying close attention to their consumers rather than other businesses. At the same time, we strive to become pioneers in getting B2B social media marketing right. If you ‘re looking to get involved, take note of some of the changes that need to occur in order for your campaign to become a success.

I came across this video from McKinsey & Company titled “Making sense of Social Media – The Management Challenge” which provides thought leadership into what managers should prepare for when entering the social media realm.



David Edelman, Principal at McKinsey & Company, reinforces simplicity as a key component of your social media campaign. It is easy to complicate your strategy because the social media channel is complicated. Keep it simple and you’ll be more likely to witness success.

Managers must be willing to undergo changes, according to David Court, Director at McKinsey & Company. Court states that you must create the right content and hire the right people to monitor and measure your social media campaign which does require a shift in budget allocation however it is essential for success.

We know that we must be involved in social media and make the shift over time, so instead of doing it for the sake of doing it, learn about it, gain experience, and strive towards being a thought leader in this space – This is a great reason to play the social media game!


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