Brand New CRMNow Sydney Office

The finishing touches are being put on our brand new CRMNow Office in North Sydney. This funky new style designed in large part by our internal staff, provides us with a motivating and comfortable environment to work in.

Doors, draws, cupboards and blinds are all colour coordinated with our CRMNow company colour palette which really personalises this office. All members of staff have been excited to move into our new office and utilise it’s new facilities to increase productivity and keep our valued clients happy.

We have incorporated an open plan style office area with private offices for Managing Director, Rob Mcgregor, and for our technical staff, Dmitri and Kai. We have a cool new casual meeting/lunch room at the front end of the office with a comfortable and retro feel.

A new studio is at the final stages of construction which will be utilised internally for video website content, webinars, vCasting as well as for our clients, partners and other staff in the Sydney region. We also have a private conference room for staff meetings, interviews, and presentations. CRMNow provide hot desk facilities as well for our staff in Melbourne as well as our clients, partners, and business people who wish to stop by and require somewhere quiet and private to work. If you would like to utilise our hot desk facilities please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

CRMNow's New Entrance & Waiting Area - comfortable bench seating and some cool new artwork. Very Welcoming!
The view of the open plan CRMNow Sydney Office - Our office faces south with spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and the city.
CRMNow Casual Meeting & Lunch Room - Funky new bench seats provide comfort when meeting with clients & partners or to enjoy your lunch in peace!
We have included a large Hot Desk facility running across the open plan section of the Office. This can be used internally or by anyone who wishes to try something different.
Our cool new studio will be the home of our vCast, webinar, & video productions to be utilised internally or by any other company that wishes to produce video content for their website.
Our stylish entrance point to the new CRMNow Sydney Office - Extremely welcoming for anyone that wishes to stop by. Feel free to utilize this front office as a hot desk in North Sydney!

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