Social Media Measurement – But How?

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Over the past few months we’ve been attending webinars, reading and looking to find as much as we can about social media and measurement. There is consensus on one point, you have to measure your social media activity.

The consensus among self titled “social media experts” is that measurement is key. Of course many companies have the ability to access many of the free services that provide a level of insight i.e. Google Analytics. However, this information is siloed and needs to be downloaded to excel or perhaps your ICT team is using API’s to bring some of the data together. But where is “together”?

There is a solution and a logical place to bring this data together, not only to give you insight about social media but also to understand the level of engagement of individual prospects and customers. 

Your CRM Is The Logical Place to Store Social Media Data

Your CRM will most likely already contain information showing the various communication channels you’ve used to engage your prospects and clients. For example, you can probably look under a Contact for John Citizen and see the history of emails sent to him by Campaign. You will hopefully be able to see any Service Requests that relate to John and his company in addition any meetings or activities John’s had with your company.

This same view of the Contact should also encompass the level of engagement around social media. Tweets, facebook posts and LinkedIn updates should be brought into a single view of the customer, through you CRM.

This will also impact your user adoption as the sales team and other begin to see the nuggets of gold they have available to them in a single location, your CRM.

What Next?

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