Let your analytics guide you to a successful e-newsletter

Here’s a hard fact – Not everyone is interested in everything you have to say in your monthly e-newsletter. At CRMNow, we are fortunate enough to have email marketing as part of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing (CRMODM).

CRMODM provides us with valuable analytics surrounding our open rates and click throughs to test the success of our outbound communication campaigns. We’ve been sending monthly e-newsletters for a short period and were not initially certain as to what our readers wanted to hear from us. There are stories in our e-newsletter that continue to outperform the other articles and the analytics provides a level of insight so we ‘know’ what has worked and what hasn’t.

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Do you have the ability to know if your e-newsletter is successful? Do you have the analytics in place to measure its’ success. If you are not getting the click throughs you were expecting move on! Learn from your mistakes and substitute your unpopular stories with more engaging content. Be prepared that this will not happen overnight and will require constant monitoring.

You need to stop ignoring the data that is telling you what people like and don’t like because you think you know your audience. You will be forever moving in circles and all that you will achieve from your email campaign is an increase in the number of readers clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Remember that your e-newsletter is not the only one that your clients are receiving, so:

  • Stand out from the crowd with unique content.
  • Build on your popular stories and replace those that aren’t getting a reaction.
  • Ask yourself: What are the most exciting things happening in my business at the moment?
  • Test your stories an keep a close eye on click through rates.
  • Ask your close clients what they would they like to hear from you?

As mentioned before, this is not an overnight fix and may contain a degree of trial and error. The secret is measurement, knowing what to measure and then responding to your findings.

At CRMNow we recognise that we need to trial a few of our topics to really address our subscribers’ pain points. As a starting point, use this process to tailor the messages in your e-newsletter. In our most recent e-newsletter our most popular story was our North Sydney office renovations with clients clicking through to see the images. This does not address client pain points, but it is of interest to those who have been here before.

Use the data that is available to you to tailor your e-newsletters to what your audience would want to read. Too many companies ignore this and fall into a hole. Dedicate time and effort into your email campaign and respond to current trends and you will be sure to have happier clients and subscribers.

An article I came across addressing “Tips For What You Should Include In Your Newsletter: Autoresponder Series” asks 4 questions to the individuals that are in the process of compiling their e-newsletter content:

  1. If you have subscribed to any e-newsletters, what type of emails make the greatest impact on you?
  2. Which topics do you like to read about?
  3. Does exclusivity matter to you?
  4. Is it crazy using an email filter i.e. Outlook rules to funnel key words into a folder to be ‘read later’?

    Ask yourself these 4 questions before putting your content together and use your analytical results to compose an attractive e-newsletter.

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