Your New Digital MailBox from Australia Post

More Innovation From Australia Post

When the internet arrived in Australia in the last 90’s people said “snail mail” would die, the post office would become redundent. Well, that never actually happened. What people didn’t forsee was the magnitude of e-commerce and people buying things online. Those “things” had to be mailed to you, as a result Australia Post shipped an additional 3,000,000 parcels last Christmas.

The Digital MailBox.

I read in the SMH today that Australia Post has launched its latest service, a “Digital MailBox” for every Australian. The article suggests that 10,000,000 Australians are buying things online. The Digital MailBox will allow you to have secure documents delivered from your bank, insurance company etc to a secure Australia Post server. In addition you can store important documents e.g. birth certifcates, insurance documents etc. Click Here to read more and register your interest.

Watch the video below for a quick explantion. I’ve already registered my interest via the link above.

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