The Social Media Explosion

Social media – We’ve all heard about the “virtual” social media explosion, being the act of socialising without standing in front of someone. No wonder it’s exploded, we don’t have to go anywhere to “chat” these days, and we can communicate with hundreds or thousands or millions, all with the click of a button.


The question that keeps cropping up is: How does social media apply to business? Humans are social, yes, but how social are we supposed to be in business? Do you want everyone that you do business with knowing everything about your social life? There are a lot of things said about the impact of social media in business and the statistics show that social media is powerful on many levels, certainly in terms of information dissemination. Tweets often get the news out before the news even knows about it! However, this doesn’t necessarily diminish the importance of some of the pre-social media platforms. Particularly email. Email is considered old fashioned by some, but that does not mean it is redundant. There is still great power in knowing (for example) that somebody has read and responded to your email. Furthermore, an email exchange can be easily archived and recalled if required.

Finding conversations on the social media platforms doesn’t seem so easy, particularly in the super transient twitter world, or on highly popular Facebook conversations, where no sooner have you made your statement than another fifty topic enthusiasts have jumped on the band wagon and stolen your thunder.

I think the key here is not that “social business” has a place in the world of business, but probably more as a platform to disseminate information rather than a truly “social” platform for sharing your personal thoughts – I’ll be keeping my personal Facebook page for that kind of content.

Social media in the business world should probably be viewed more as an addition to the many tools that have long been in place. At this stage, I don’t see it as superseding the good ol’ email, and God forbid it ever usurps the face to face business meeting!

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