Our North Sydney Office Takes Shape

Our North Sydney office is undergoing a renovation at the moment. The shots below give you a view into the changes taking place. The next step will be the joinery which is hopefully due next weekend. The team are excited about the changes, especially to see how the “funky” brief is coming to life.

We wanted to create a space where ideas could flow easily and people had sufficient space to get some quiet time if needed. The Studio will enable us to broadcast live over the web to clients in a one on one scenario or to hundreds if needed.

The Studio will be available to rent for our clients and other local business people. More details will follow in the next month.

We look forward to partners, clients, prospects and others visiting the office over the coming months.

CRMNow Office Reno 004
The entrance is to the right. There will be a large desk in the immediate foreground. Dmitri & Kai have their own quiet space directly ahead.
CRMNow Office Reno
Rob's office is on the left. The area to the right will have five or so desks coming out from the wall.
CRMNow Office Reno
Still looking a little like a building site, this is the main conference room and broadcast studio. The studio and conference room will be divided by a concertina door.
CRMNow Office Reno
This is your view as you come in the front door. The studio is on the left, a hot desk and casual meeting area to the right. Just in shot to your left is the entrance sitting area.

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