How to Become the Social Business

I’ll begin by clearly defining the difference between social media and the social business. According to a webinar I saw recently presented by Sandy Carter named “How to become a social business: Your framework for success” social media is described as surrounding primarily marketing and public relations practices.

Carter then describes “the social business” as encompassing the organisation and business processes behind social media. In other words, the social business uses social networking to enable teams, global or local, to work productively by being engaging, transparent and nimble.

How to Become a Credible Social Business

To become a credible social business, you need to:

  • Gain social trust and build a positive and strong culture around your brand.
  • Be open with your clients about products and services and encourage their feedback.
  • Be experts or leaders of your brand and industry.
  • Provide thought leadership to the community about your view on your market, products, services, industry etc and strengthen your credibility.
  • It is also important to be responsive to your audience – address issues rather than tip-toeing around them and ensure that your messaging is consistent to limit confusion amongst your viewers.
  How to become a social business  

The social business creates different experiences for their customers such as:

  • Integrated Customer Experience: Keep your messaging and offerings consistent across your offline communication channels and your online presence through social media platforms. Your consumers will feel comfortable with your company online if they are familiar with what they have seen physically offline.
  • Interactive Experience: Sandy Carter urges social businesses to create an interactive experience for your clients through gaming, video, mobile, and virtual gifting as these mediums generally allow your clients to have a higher recall of your products and services. Everyone enjoys playing games and this is a great way to engage your prospect and client base.
  • Identifying experience: Personalise your messaging to certain groups or even people to create a sense of intimacy between the client and the organisation. Your clients want to know that your business recognises them and appreciates their support.

Identify the key opinion leaders among your prospects and clients that are socially vocal and tailor your messages so that they can pass them onto their followers. This can be done by sharing posts on Facebook or creating an environment where they want to re-tweet your tweets. Notice these tips and tricks are not just about marketing and PR but rather the back end processes and using your social media skills to work for your business.

Remember to incorporate social analytics into your social media process. Evaluate your culture and goals, evaluate your processes for social ads, and always remember to use analytics to listen and be proactive.

If your company explores these points your company will be on the right track to becoming a successful social business. Use social media to stand out from your competitors and build your clients through your social platforms.

Top 5 Tips for Becoming A Social Business

  1. Build credibility amongst your clients and prospects.
  2. Be an expert in your industry – guide others.
  3. Target key opinion leaders in your market.
  4. Build different experiences for your clients to engage them with your products as well as other clients
  5. Incorporate social analytics to measure your culture and goals.

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