Facebook Changes to Make it Friendlier for Business

(Reuters) – Facebook’s efforts to make its social network a friendlier place for businesses and popular brands are off to a strong start, the company said.

As a B2B organisation we have a facebook page, but sometimes wonder why. Part of it is that we believe we need to have the option available for prospects and clients who choose to interact via that medium. The maintenance is very little. We have content automatically feed from our LinkedIn and Twitter updates.

We use facebook for more casual business updates. Our “Likes” are good which is an indicator of people’s view of what we post there. Our interactions go up and and down largely driven by the content we post, which makes sense. To date we’ve not had many people make comments or ask questions, but then again we’re are a B2B organisation. 

Feel free to visit and see what you think, your feedback is welcome.

FacebookWhat about you? Do you have a facebook page? What value are you getting from your facebook presence? Do you think these changes will enhance the end user experience?

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