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Before you read on be sure to ask yourself one question – Am I managing big data in my organisation effectively?

It’s no secret that “Big Data” or digital information must be managed efficiently in order to prevent lost buying opportunities according to Joe Cordo, author of ‘Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012’. Cordo believes business people need to be aware that this data may include the accumulation of:

  • Documented conversations
  • Client information
  • Internet research and;
  • Reporting etc

I believe that in order to really manage this all important information is through, like anything, organisation. There are solutions out there that make your life easier and provide your organisation with the right tools to utilise this data to its potential with the simple click of a button.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to better manage your “Big Data”. Effectively used by sales people, Oracle CRM On Demand allows you to store significant amounts of data in the ‘cloud’ (Knorr & Gruman) enabling you to manage your sales process, and better utilise the data you have stored.

You may be thinking that CRM systems are a huge operation and can be overwhelming to implement and use – the answer is no! We encourage organisations to start small and grow at their own pace starting with maybe 40 users and potentially growing 2000 + users when the time is right for the organisation. The team at CRMNow will work with your team and hold your hand through the process allowing you to maximise the outcome of your CRM system. Part of this process is understanding the impact of Big Data and how to best share and access this data across your organisation.

We’ve found many white papers and other publications relating to big data. Various thought leaders are helping to make business people aware that big data must be managed in order to be utilised effectively. However, there aren’t a lot of solutions out there as to how to do this! Oracle CRM On Demand is one solution that will benefit your organisation and will provide you with some structure to better organise your big data.


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