Are CIO’s Scared Of The Cloud?

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald Mahesh Sharma reviews how two company CIO’s have migrated to the cloud and the strategies they employed to ensure they had the level of security they would expect from an on premise solution.

Our experience shows that the implementation of Oracle CRM On Demand, a cloud based or SaaS system is often driven from within the business and not from IT. Dependent upon the complexity of the implementation, IT may be involved. Their involvement typically comes into play when integration to back end solutions is required e.g. JD Edwards or other similar systems.

For one of our telco clients this meant bringing together client data which existed in a variety of systems and giving the team, especially the sales and customer service teams, a single view of their clients. For the first time they’re able to view everything about a client on a single screen. How many services they have, their billing history, handsets and much more. 

Just yesterday I had to call this telco because my iPad was telling me I was out of data. That wasn’t the case, it seems the APN settings needed to be reset. What I found curious was the amount of detail the customer service rep had available to him. Similar calls made two years ago would not have enabled such a thorough understanding of our account by that rep. I really wanted to ask him about the system he was using, but thought it best not to.

Are CIO’s scared of the cloud? I don’t think scared is the right word. CIO’s have a great responsibility on their shoulders to ensure the robustness of their IT systems, regardless of them being in the Cloud or on premise. My experince shows that CIO’s and business executives are looking for  leadership and expertise from companies like CRMNow to help them make the best decisions for their companies.

I’m confident that we have a list of such people who would be happy to talk about how CRMNow have helped them in this area.

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