The use of Social Media is important – But do not ignore traditional marketing channels

Growing your Social Media presence is a great way to engage with your customers however we’ve found that many organisations are failing to balance their social media strategy with traditional marketing methods. Like you, we see an endless number articles addressing why our company should make its social media strategy a priority. A social media strategy can help you engage with your prospects and clients, however it’s not merely a substitute for other marketing channels that have proved successful for years now. It’s fair to say though that the game is changing.

Small business owner, Scott Stratton, speaks of the importance of email subscribers as opposed to ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ in a Sydney Morning Herald article from 23rd February, 2012 ‘Why email still trumps social media’. Stratton considers an email just as interactive if you have the right landing pages that encourage viewers to subscribe to your material and volunteer themselves in your top of funnel lead nurturing campaign.

We’ve found that content is king in our lead nurturing email campaigns because prospects decide whether or not they opt into ongoing communications from us. Like social media, your email content can be a significant vehicle for engagement as well as providing you with feedback. Your engagement needs to take place as if you were on Twitter or Facebook. i.e in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.  


 At CRMNow, we model our top of funnel lead generation campaign with 2 specific groups of prospects or ‘opportunities’ in mind:

1.       Prospects that subscribe to receive an email newsletter every 30 days and;

2.       Prospects that subscribe to receive an email newsletter every 15 days

Prospects are routed into one of the two above campaigns based on their activity i.e. on things we can measure. Did they open the email? Did they click on a link? Did they download an offer?

CRM On Demand Marketing allows us to create a workflow campaign whereby we map these individuals as they engage with us. Essentially these individuals move through the sales process from Leads to Opportunities to Sales. For some this is a quick journey, for others it could take months or even years, hence the term “nurturing”.

So, as mentioned previously in this blog, it’s a priority for us to get our content right for these groups. We like to provide lighter content to the 30 day group and slightly heavier content to the 15 day group as their behaviour would imply their interest levels are higher. We can see how engaged these individuals are with our content based on their behaviours to move in and out of the email cycle to which they belong.

In our organisation, we have a fascination with social media marketing and ways to do this most effectively however we also make a point to not forget our traditional channels that have assisted us to get to where we are today commercially. In addition, the end game is marketing qualified leads for the sales team.


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