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As a business in the technology sector, we’re exposed to the latest thinking around technology and its application in government and business. At the end of the day we’re trying to do many of the things you’re trying to do. The advantage we have and a key business process for us, is to ensure we use and develop what we sell.

The benefit to you is that when we install new technology, we’ve either done it for ourselves or we’ve generally done it for one of our many clients. This means a faster and proven solutiyou for you?

When we mix our capability with Oracle’s resources and what you need, we arrive at an proven and outstanding solution. 

Engagement, It’s Really Quite Easy

The area of engagement is a key topic for government and business. The influx of all aspects of social media means constiuents are engaging with government in a way like they never have before. I’m a firm believer in the notion of engaging with my elected officials, barely a week goes by that I’m not emailing, tweeting or communicating (engaging) with the PM, Peter Garrett (my local Federal member), Kristina Keneally (my local State MP) or my local City of Botany Mayor.

What I find interesting is the time they take to respond, by response I mean more than the automated email confirming they got my message.

During the Howard years I had some opinions I wanted to share with the then PM about the second Gulf War and our possible involvement, that’s history now. Let’s just say I sent through a few messages, some of support and some where I asked a few questions.

Just after John Howard addressed the House to explain why Australia was committing troops to the campaign, I received an unsolicited letter and copy of the Hansard from his press secretary. His opening comments were,

“Derek, based on your previous communications with the Prime Minister, we thought the enclosed would be of interest…”

Now that’s what I call engagement. I don’t know if that was a software related reccomendation or if the PM’s press secretary knew me by name. Either way, your government department or government body can engage with constituents to this degree of intimacy. Oracle CRM On Demand can help you bring together each communication channel and filter constituents by their topics of engagement.

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