Social Media – Where To Start!

At CRMNow we started the process of incorporating social media into our marketing efforts 12 months ago. To say we’ve gone from the darkest recesses of having no clue to standing in the middle of the stage, would be an understatement. Like many companies our size – SME, we know we had to do it, but working out where to start was key.

First Things First…

The starting position for us was a revamped website. We went from a very static website, really just an online brochure, to an interactive site with social media connections, blogging (like this post) and connections with Oracle CRM On Demand and the Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing email marketing tool.

Getting the website built was key. We elected to run with a WordPress back end which gives us easy blogging capability and we don’t have to be HTML guru’s to make it happen and for the site to look good. Hopefully you feel the same way.

What About Social Media?

We created a company LinkedIn page, this seemed more appropriate given our more B2B focussed clients. We added Twitter, actually just my personal account derek_bell As the Marketing Director I only use the account for work related updates, so it seemed appropriate.

A Social Media Policy?

12 months down the track, we’ve added headcount to the marketing team which means we have increased resources to manage the social media aspect of our site. This morning, I sat with the Managing Director (MD) and our marketing team and we’ve realised that we need a more robust approach to social media and our messaging via these various channels.

So we now have a branded corporate Twitter ID: CRMNowAsiaPac and the MD also has his own Twitter ID: rob_mcgregor The decision is that updates of a corporate nature will go out under the corporate ID and those of a business related nature will go out under his or my ID. His probably more sales related, mine marketing related.

Then We Hit A Wall…

How on earth do we manage each of these communication channels? Remember we’re an SME, our marketing team consists of three people. We’re busy working with clients and at the same time trying to provide rich and meaningful content to prospects as part of our lead generation process.

We learnt however that you can have your LinkedIn posts automatically post to your Twitter account. From Twitter you can then also have Tweets posted directly to your facebook page. 

What Next?

We’re developing processes to support the many communication channels available to us. This will ensure as we establish campaigns for various topics, we can make sure we cover the appropriate channels and they don’t get missed in the process.

We also see the need for a Social Media policy, this will really remain part of our existing press release strategy and simply be incorporated as part of it and updated to reflect the social media aspect.

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Derek has worked in the Sales & Marketing Consulting and CRM industries for over 17 years. He's consulted to companies here and overseas helping them develop processes to support their lead generation, marketing and sales businesses. He sees CRM as an enabler and not a solution by and of itself. Implemented with users in mind and a clear view of defined processes, companies can derive great value from their CRM.

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