A Social Media Policy

Why a Social Media Policy?

A few weeks ago I shared our progress to date around social media and how we started to incorporate it into our business, specifically lead generation. However social media is more than just an additional communication channel to help with lead generation.

I attended a Google conference late last year in Sydney. On each powerpoint slide they had a hash tag specifically relating to the event, so people could tweet during the conference and the facilitator was able to answer their questions real time.

If you watch Q&A on ABC1 – Australia, you’ve seen “tweets” appear on the screen throughout the show. They use the hash tag “#qanda” to group people’s comments which creates a discussion thread.

Of course twitter is just one of the social media communications channels and at the end of the day, that’s what social media is. It’s a communications channel, a way to reach your prospects and clients just as you have through the press, your website and traditional media.

It’s from this perspective that we’ve determined that social media needs to be treated just as you would any other outbound channel of communication, there needs to be a policy – typically your existing public relations (PR) policy can be expanded to include social media.

One Important Distinction

Unlike traditional media communication channels, social media happens much faster. We’re talking potential results in minutes and hours, not days and weeks that we’ve experienced in the past with the press, TV etc.

Your policy needs to be able to allow for the immediate or at least speedy response to inbound social media interactions. Think carefully about who is responding for your company. Is the 22 year old marketing graduate the best person? With the correct training, I’m sure they could be, but don’t overlook this important component.

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