Facebook still #1, but keep an eye on Twitter

In “Monday Note” today, French General Manager Frédéric Filloux provides some insight into Twitter growth and it’s impact on the digital world. I found this article of interest and thought you may too.

You hear things about Facebook. You see things. As its audience matures, a subtle shift might be underway. Of course, numbers remains staggering. Facebook is heading toward the 800 million users mark, mostly by conquering new markets. The growth is distributed as follows : Middle-East Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America grow by around 60% per year; Europe by 35-40%; and North America by 25%. And demographics are shifting: older people are joining in Western markets while a younger audience grows in emerging ones. More changes are underway as the internet spreads on both landlines and mobile devices: over the last 3 years, China added more internet users than exist in the United States today. Furthermore, in the fastest growing markets, Facebook captures over 90% of all social network traffic. So, for the near future, Facebook doesn’t have a growth problem.

On mature markets, the future looks bright as well. In the United States, unique users grew by 22% between June 2010 and September 2011, reaching a total of 155 million. Notably, the average time spent per person grew from 6:02hrs to 7:42hrs.


You can read the entire article here.

Don’t Forget about LinkedIn

Australian membership is currently at just over 2 million members. As a percentage of the workforce, that represents 17% of employed Australians. For the B2B space, LinkedIn is used heavily by recruitment firms.

Marketing & Sales People Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing
Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing

Australian business consultant and author of ‘The Leaky Funnel‘ Hugh Macfarlane discusses how B2B firms are using LinkedIn for effective lead generation.

More effective sales people understand that LinkedIn provides a degree of insight not available at the pub on Friday nights or on the golf course. Does LinkedIn replace these more traditional methods? I don’t think so, it simply adds a layer of detail that was difficult to access in the past. Think of it as another tool in the kit bag.

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